This will be the last week of Scorpio Season — and I think for a lot of us, none too soon. Because this has been a particularly intense Scorpio season this year, made more so by the tensions of the recent elections. And even though some of those frictions are continuing to linger, we are going to start to feel a palpable shift towards the end of the week, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Sunday the 22nd. But as we begin the week, some of the configurations that we highlighted last week are still in effect.

That tense square that Venus has been making with the power trio of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn — all in Capricorn — will continue to emphasize our deeply held values, and possibly highlight some conflicts we may have with the values of our community and the society at large. Many of the issues that we’ve been struggling with all year continue to occupy our minds — the conflicts over how to deal with the pandemic, the government response and restrictions placed on our lives, the sacrifice of personal liberties for the collective good. And, again, Venus in Libra is really calling us to be fair, to be gracious, to listen without prejudice, to seek harmony and reconciliation. We all need to continue to make the effort to channel this energy, and search our hearts and our minds to find the compassion and a love for one another. So that we can all “get along” during this time of great social distress.

On Monday, we also have Mercury — planet of communication — moving into opposition with Uranus — the rebel, the liberator. So our thoughts, our minds, our words, might get a jolt of power. We might have sudden insights or unusual ideas or new approaches. We might also expect some surprising information in the media this week. With Uranus in Taurus, there’s a focus on changes in our values and our possessions and or resources, especially money and finance. And with Mercury in Scorpio, perhaps some new information that was secret or hidden begins to emerge about the economy or something to do with the financial system or the stock market. So be on alert for that.

On Thursday, the Moon moves through the later degrees of Capricorn and makes its own monthly visit with the good ole power trio of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. And, this has occurred for one day every month for the entire year of 2020. And it’s really our monthly check-in with our relationship to the state of affairs that this unprecedented year has created. How are we coping? How are we finding ways to continue to feel safe and secure in these most uncertain of times? And as the coronavirus continues to surge, with record numbers of cases being reported, it can feel like there’s no end in sight. We might easily succumb to the sense of being overwhelmed by all that’s happening. We are particularly susceptible to feeling depressed — a very Capricorn thing.

And this is being exacerbated by the Venus square we’ve been talking about , urging us to dig deeper, really get to the core of our feelings, our emotions, our values, to tap into what matters most. Allow for a gentle, softer, more forgiving approach to answering these calls for change that are stirring within us as reflected in the outer world all around us. And I know it may feel like I’ve been dwelling on these issues of personal transformation, and making big changes to the structures and routines and practices in our lives. But it’s just so very necessary right now for our evolution, as individuals, and as a collective.

And for those who have begun to make the effort — Saturn — to take steps to make the necessary changes, you’ve already likely felt the benefits. In dropping the baggage so to speak, there’s a real sense of a weight being lifted. There’s a release and a renewal — a renewed perspective on life that allows us to move forward with a new purpose. This is the true purpose of Pluto’s process — to be reborn in a new light. And then you have a sense of momentum. And if we can gain this momentum, the move to the next phase of our lives happens much more easily. Not effortlessly, but with a graceful knowing.

And next month, when we have the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius — we’ll get this very real sense that the next phase is beginning. And we’ll be ready to move forward into the future with a solid foundation and a sense of security. But if we continue to resist the changes that we know we need to make — to face whatever it is that this year has brought up for us — all the unconscious baggage that has erupted to the surface under the pressure cooker of 2020 — then we will stay stuck in our old behavior patterns. Rather than moving forward with a graceful purpose, we’ll continue to resist the changes, and miss this big opportunity for growth and personal development. From this perspective the future will look scary and uncertain. Because we’re operating with a framework that’s outmoded, outdated, that no longer serves us.

Think of the metaphor of updating the operating system on your computer. There’s a point when the old OS now longer works with the newest apps. It becomes sluggish and unresponsive. There are bugs that need to be fixed. So we upgrade the Os, the operating system and voila — things work better. The computer is running more efficiently. We can now download and access the news apps. So, 2020 is a year to upgrade our personal operating systems.

Because there are some amazing new apps coming online in the near future that we are going to need to have access to in order to be fully functional as human beings on this planet. And we all need to be able to connect with one another on this new platform that is being developed, being co-created by us all. We’re crowd sourcing it, so to speak. And as each and every one of us makes the upgrade to our own personal OS, we improve the entire network. It’s like we’re building the 5G network for the 5D future.

Now that’s a program we can all get onboard with!

Ok, until next time, Sat Nam everyone!

Daljeet Peterson

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