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I'm Daljeet Peterson, Astrologer.

I'm making it my mission to share informative, educational and insightful content on the subject of astrology. My message is to inspire others to learn how to use astrology as a tool to enhance their personal growth, find their true calling and follow their dharma. Every one of us was born with a unique birth chart, which I call the Blueprint of the Soul.

My goal is to help everyone understand how to read their own unique blueprint and become the architect of their own destiny. It's an endeavor that is well worth the effort and offers many rewards to all those who seek to truly "know thyself."

I hope you'll join me as we seek a deeper understanding of our interior selves, our relationship to others and the unprecedented times which we are all living through together.

Daljeet Peterson | Astrologer
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America’s Pluto Return

The Unconscious Desires of the Soul of a Nation On February 20, 2022 Pluto will return to the exact position in the sky where it was on July 4, 1776—the day of the...

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