As this week begins, the Sun in watery Scorpio forms harmonious aspects with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in earthy Capricorn as well as Neptune in watery Pisces. This is the time of year when the Sun in Scorpio seeks to shine its light on all things hidden, to bring the darkness into the light so it can be intensely examined and potentially transformed. Scorpio always wants to go deeper. This week that spotlight turns its focus to the structure of our lives (Capricorn) and the big changes that are necessary in order for us to evolve into the next stage on our individual and collective path. As we’re learning—and in some cases the hard way—that this year of 2020 is all about “a call to overhaul.”  Now, with Jupiter and Pluto exactly conjunct, the opportunity for big, drastic change is certainly highlighted. Unfortunately, this configuration has also coincided with the all the biggest surges in COVID19 case we’ve seen this year. As I’ve been saying, this 3rd and final “hit” is likely to coincide with the biggest peak yet in this year of the pandemic—but hopefully the last. But it also is calling us to expand our notion of what necessary changes are possible, and there’s a big boost for all of us who are willing to accept these necessary changes and begin to integrate them into our lives, into our new routines. As both these planets are also joined by Saturn, there is additional focus, discipline and determination to do any of the heavy lifting that may be necessary to restructure—be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.  

The dynamic opposition between Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries that we began to feel last week reaches its peak of power on Monday. So our energy for relationships will be quite strong. But as this a retrograde Mars that’s involved, our old relationship patterns may be up for review. We might be questioning whether or not our approach to our existing relationships are still serving our highest needs for personal growth and evolution. We might find ourselves reflecting on what relationships matter most in our lives, and which ones might need to be revised, or reformed or completely released at this time. As well, the push-pull dynamic between our need for independence and personal freedom might be in tension with our need for relationship and partnering. The key here—as with any opposition—is to try and strike a balance between the two planetary energies. And with each planet in its own sign, they make a strong case for their side of the equation here. This active Mars in Aries can be very strong, and very impulsive. And this sensuous Venus in beauty-seeking Libra can be quite alluring  and compelling. If we can find the balance and harmony between these two energies, we’re likely to feel an abundance of joy, love and satisfaction in our lives. And God knows, we could all use more of that these days!

Tuesday, the Moon in Virgo moves into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. This is a day when our normally practical and rational thoughts might get lost in dreams, imagination, and flights of fancy. And the energy of this day gently encourages this. So there may be an opportunity to tap into some dream or vision or fantasy and actually extract something useful and practical from it. So stay attuned to that possibility.      

Wednesday, Venus moves into a tense square with the Capricorn power trio, the effects of which we will likely feel strongly over the next week or so. Unlike the Sun’s aspect to these planets at the start of the week, here the energy is more tense, as our deeply held values come into the equation, and possibly into conflict with the values of our community and the society at large. Many of the issues that we’ve been struggling with all year— the conflicts over how to deal with the pandemic, the government response and restrictions placed on our lives, the sacrifice of personal liberties for the collective good—these all come into even sharper focus for us this week. And Venus in Libra is really calling us to be fair, to be gracious, to listen without prejudice, to seek harmony and reconciliation. Hopefully, we all can channel this energy, and search our hearts and our minds to find the requisite compassion for living together during this time of great social distress. 

Thursday, the Moon joins Venus in her opposition to Mars. This will provide an emotional boost to the relationship dynamics we talked about earlier, and could tip the scales in favor of our relationship needs, and have us really reflecting on the value of all the relationships in our lives. And this could be the trigger for us to really value and appreciate the connections we share with our dear friends and our loved ones. To appreciate these meaningful connections, and focus on what matters most. Because at the end of the day, it is our connection to others that gives the great meaning to our lives. No one can do it alone. We are human beings, we are social creatures. So let’s try and find some comfort in our connections with one another, and focus more on what keeps us together, and less on what pushes us apart.  

We end the week with the beginning of a new lunar cycle as the Moon joins the Sun in Scorpio. This New Moon will be a Super Moon, as the Moon is orbiting very close to the Earth, thus magnifying the  intensity of an already intense Scorpio New Moon. And Sun and Moon are forming a harmonious sextile with Jupiter and Pluto, so the intention to go deeper and expand the need for personal change at this time is once again highlighted. This is just another reminder of this once in a lifetime configuration 

As with every new Moon, this is a great time for setting a new intention for the coming month ahead. And this is really a fantastic habit to get into. Tuning to the monthly lunar cycle is a wonderful way of setting short term goals and tracking your progress. It’s always helpful to know where in your chart each New Moon is occurring, and to bring your focus and awareness to that area of your life with intention. Is it happening in your second house of money and possessions or in your seventh house of relationships? This can greatly inform and enhance how you might approach each lunation period. This is where having a working knowledge of your own birth chart is enormously helpful, so I encourage everyone to do so.  

Ok, that’s a glimpse of the week ahead. I hope you can put some of these insights to good use in the days to come. And as always, I wish you a happy, healthy and productive week. Until next time, Sat Nam.

Daljeet Peterson

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