The intensity of Scorpio and the feminine warrior of a Hunter’s Moon

This week begins with the Sun in Scorpio conjunct retrograde Mercury. Our creativity and self-expression are given a boost, and our ability to speak our deeper emotional truth is enhanced. It’s also a great time to look within and monitor your own “inner dialog” for any negative or unhealthy thought patterns needing to be released. The Sun and Mercury also form an inconjunct to Chiron in Taurus, the “wounded healer.” So there could be a tendency to wound or be wounded by the words and actions of others, especially around issues of values. We might also be a bit more defensive in our dialogs, and a biting sarcasm might creep into our conversations. It’s best to think before you speak this week.

By Tuesday, the Sun & Mercury will move into opposition with Uranus in Taurus. Any time Uranus is involved, we must “expect the unexpected.” As this configuration highlights two fixed signs, there may be rigidity in our relationships and interactions this week. We are less inclined to compromise, holding our own unique perspectives to be self-evident and denying the other’s right to their own perspective. The opportunity lies in our ability to stay open to the new and the unusual, to people and ideas that might open us up to new possibilities and ways of relating. Again issues of values and possessions — those of ourselves and others — get highlighted this week.

On Wednesday, Venus begins her month-long journey through her home sign of Libra, where she will be free to explore all forms of aesthetic beauty and express harmony in relationships. The romantic in us gets a boost, and it is a great time to to engage in or simply appreciate the arts in all its forms: music, poetry, dance, painting. Venus in Libra highlights ideas of balance, fairness and justice — all characteristics that will be much needed as our country approaches Election Day next week.

By Thursday, many competing energies will start to collide. Venus comes into an opposition with both the Moon and Chiron in Aries, forcing us to find the balance between our own emotional needs and the needs of our partners. Old, deep emotional wounds that have been festering might suddenly be brought to the surface. And with the Sun also inconjunct to the Moon & Chiron, our efforts at personal growth and development might be frustrated by resistance from others. There may be no clear path through, but the energy is short-lasting. Be patient and let it pass.

As well, Jupiter is moving closer towards its exact conjunction with Pluto (which will occur on 11/11). This will be the third conjunction of these two planets this year. The first two conjunctions exactly coincided with the largest expansion (Jupiter) in the number of coronavirus cases (Pluto). So it’s no wonder we are seeing another surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths worldwide. But hopefully, this will be the last wave as Jupiter will continue to move past Pluto and on into the sign of Aquarius in December, which will likely be a time of optimism and opportunity (Jupiter) around the subject of a future vaccine (innovative Aquarius). But before we get there, Jupiter must navigate a difficult inconjunct aspect with the North Node in Gemini — the beacon of our collective future — so unfortunately any ideas of future possibilities might find difficulty being expressed or articulated in the short term.

Added to this, retrograde Mercury in Scorpio also comes into a square with Saturn in Capricorn on Thursday, further limiting our ability for much needed emotional expression. But if we can find practical outlets for our feelings, whether talking to a trusted friend or respected mentor, or journaling in our personal diaries, the process could offer a sense of catharsis. Just overcoming inertia and making the effort could be half the battle here.

On Friday, we get the Moon in opposition to retrograde Mercury, now backed up into Libra. And both planets are forming a t-square to Saturn and Pluto (yikes!), setting us up for what will likely be the most tension-filled day of the week. We are really being challenged to dig deep and shine a light on our deepest held values, and shared conversations around fairness, justice and equality. But the forces of progress will meet the stiff resistance of the conservative past, as the “old guard” clings to established values. This is the character of the t-square to stubborn Saturn in old-school Capricorn. It’s not hard to see the changing composition of the Supreme Court as a direct reflection of this stodgy cosmic configuration.

On Saturday, we have a Hunter’s Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus. This is going to be a very powerful Full Moon, folks. And it portends something surprising and unexpected. With the combined energies of the full Moon and Uranus in earthly Taurus opposing the Sun in watery Scorpio, the tension between fixed and opposing points of view is highlighted. This Full Moon has something of a feminine warrior energy to it, with determined Taurus battling to shed like on the dark secrets and power dynamics lurking in the scorpionic darkness. It could prove to be a flash point in a gathering women’s movement as we march towards Election Day.

On Sunday, the Moon carries the intensity of its fullness into a trine aspect with the power trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — the three horsemen of the 2020 apocalypse. At the culmination of this lunar cycle, just two days before the election, we’ll feel a strong pull towards practicality and sensibility. What was suddenly illuminated and surprisingly revealed during the week now needs to be grounded and put to good use. If nothing else, find some time on Sunday to get outdoors, take off your shoes and put your feet on the Earth. Feel her presence, ground in her energy. We are going to need that grounding and stabilizing energy to remain steadfast and patient in the challenging weeks ahead.

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