Are you ready to take the next big step on the road of your life?

Astrological Counseling

I am currently taking on a limited number of new clients for Astrological Counseling. What is Astrological Counseling you ask?

It’s a method where we combine the wisdom gleaned from your personal birth chart and apply it to the practical issues and challenges you are currently facing in life to provide a road map to enhanced wellness, personal satisfaction and self-actualization. Essentially, it’s using astrology as your cosmic life coach.

Whether you are contemplating a career change, considering continuing education options, starting a new relationship or endeavoring on a new health regime, we can use your personal astrology chart—your blueprint—to help navigate the decision process, show where you should be focusing your energies at this time and discover ways to best utilize your talents and unlock your latent abilities. 

Over the years I’ve helped many people discover their own “blueprint” and successfully navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Astrology is the most amazing tool for enabling us to see a more complete version of ourselves, allowing for untapped potentials to be unlocked and helping us to understand our own personalities and how we can best relate to ourselves and others. 

Career decisions, relationships, education, health and wellness, spirituality, creativity, home and family dynamics, money issues—our birth chart offers us deep insights into all of these areas of life and reveals how each of us is individually well-suited to maximize our joy and happiness as we navigate life’s journey. 

My goal as an astrological counselor is to empower you with the clarity and understanding of yourself that allows you to tap all of your human potential. Your birth chart is your personalized blueprint that shows you the life you were born to live. I want to help you use that insight to live your best life.

I normally charge $500 for my “Blueprint of the Soul” astrological counseling sessions. It’s a time-intensive process that involves my spending several hours preparing and interpreting your birth chart, as well as all your current transits and progressions.  We then schedule a 90-minute session to discuss your chart and apply these insights to your current life situation. After this initial consultation, as an existing client you can then schedule follow-ups as needed for just $100 for a half-hour session.  

As a promotion for the launch of, I am offering a discounted rate of $300 for new clients.

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Once payment is received, you’ll receive a reply email with a form for submitting your birth data as well as an invitiation to schedule our session via Zoom.

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Daljeet is offering his signature Blueprint of the Soul Reading for just $300 (regular price is $500).

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Astrological Counseling Session

Are you ready to take the next big step on the road of your life?

I’m currently accepting new clients for Astrological Counseling.

By combining the insights of a personal astrology reading with the practical application of life-coaching, my Astrological Counseling Sessions can be an invaluable tool for helping you navigate all the challenges and opportunities that life offers.

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